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Possible scaling/distance bug with image tracking

I've been trying out the Wikitude Unity SDK to see if it fits my needs. For my usecase I simply want to track an image (QR code) to position a game object on it in Unity. The QR code is around 10x10cm so I scale the Image Trackable down to 0.1 on all axes to have the camera on the distance in the scene. This works when 'static camera' is unchecked on the WikitudeCamera but when I check it the scale is locked to 1 and the distance in the Unity scene does not correspond to the distance irl. If I hold the QR code about 30cms away from the camera it is positioned about 3 units away from the camera in the scene.

Am I doing something wrong to have the image trackable at the correct distance/scale in the Unity scene or could this be a bug?

Thanks in advance.

* Unity SDK version 9.13

* Unity version 2021.3.16 using?If you work with Xamarin, what Xamarin version are * Happens in samples and in own app. Editor and build.

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I also had a similar problem when loading another scene from one that was using the wikiitude sdk. You can refer to how to fix it at car

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