Wikitude has both one-time fee and subscription licenses. In the store, you can choose between the two tabs: ONE-TIME FEE or SUBSCRIPTION.

Please note that the one-time fee license does not include SDK version update (for example, if you purchased a one-time fee SDK 8.6, you will not have access to SDK 8.7). SDK upgrades require the purchase of a new license.

If you have a short term project and don't intend to make use of our new features and improvements, planned for release every 2 months, you can choose the one-time fee licenses. Keep in mind that updates from Android, iOS, and Windows might affect the functionality of older Wikitude SDK versions and even lead to breaking changes.

However, if you have a project for the longer term, we recommend the subscription. Not only that we continually improve the performance of the SDK and add more features, but we are also optimizing the SDK to be compatible with the updates from the operating systems.

Also, if you want to get started with a one-time fee instead of a subscription, you can later on switch and purchase a subscription via the store. 

If you're still not sure what license fits your use case, reach us via with more details and we'll gladly help.