The Commercial key, depending on the type of license:

- the cost varies 

- the key can include access to the features available in the Professional Edition or the Expert Edition (see feature list table)

- the key can be valid for the app’s lifetime and may or may not cover SDK upgrades 

- has no watermark and no logo

- the key is bound to an app ID

- can be published in the app stores or distributed within enterprise channels and used for commercial purposes

The Trial Key:

- is free of charge

- includes access to the full feature set of the Wikitude SDK (Professional Edition and Expert Edition - see table

- valid for 45 days with access to the SDK versions released in that time frame (with the possibility to request a time extension)

- has no trial watermark, contains the Wikitude logo

- is valid for every application ID on every operating system. You can use the same trial license key in multiple apps

- has the aim to facilitate developer testing and does not include the right to publish the app in the app stores or to use it for direct commercial profit.

Check out the available commercial options that will give you access to a key without time limitations and publishing rights. Don't hesitate to contact us via for any questions.