You can obtain a commercial license key only if you have a completed order.

  1. Log into using the same credentials you provided when you did the purchase.
  2. Select the tab KEY GENERATOR
  3. From the orders table, choose the order you want to generate a key for and select the link Generate Key.
  4. In the form, select the platform(s) and the corresponding key(s). If you do not know all the app ids yet, you can also create additional license keys (for the missing platforms) at a later stage.
  5. Your license key has been generated! You can download it from the table and you will also receive an email with the key.

If you have any kind of issues or question, please reach out to

Please note that the app id cannot contain the keyword 'wikitude'. If you need further details on this, check our technical document here.

Also note that, we do no accept changes in the app id once the license key has been generated.