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Black Camera View on Android 13, Both Unity SDK 9.13.0

Steps followed:

1. Builded Example projects of both Unity SDK versions on Android. (2 apps)

2. Opened app on Xaiomi 12X Android 13 and opened scene: 

A. Simple Object Tracking on professional version

B. Multiple object tracking on expert version

3. Camera preview is black.

4. Opened apps and same scenes on Xaiomi MI9SE Android 11: Camera works.


SDKs: Wikitude_Expert_Edition_Unity_9-13-0_230209_7407


Unity Editor: 2020.3.17f1(professional sdk), 2021.3.17f1(expert sdk)

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Hey Richard,

our current SDK version 9.13 only supports Android 12 and iOS 15 unfortunately. We will provide Android 13 support in our next SDK version 9.14 which will be released soon. In the meantime I hope you have a seconds Android device you can use or can wait for the new release.

With best regards,


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