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How to active the camera after scan object target?

Unity version 2020.3.17f1

SDK version 9.12

I got question regardless of the camera being inactive after the object tracker has been scanned. So basically I have done a project in unity and I'm using an object tracker that has been provided by Wikitude. The problem is whenever I scan the object for the first time the camera is active in the editor scene but not right after the object does not detect. The camera will be static in the editor scene. I mean how to ensure the camera tracking is always active after scanning the object tracker for the first time and how do keep maintain the camera active? Before this, my team and I try to customize the object tracker script but I bet you guys know we can't edit it because Wikitude itself doesn't provide the actual script. So I hope you can understand what I mean and try to help us out. If any questions please let me know. 

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Hi Adlin and sorry for the late reply.

If  I understand you correctly you're saying that your camera stops working after an object has been tracked? Unfortunately I'm not aware of that issue yet and using our examples, I could not reproduce it either. Since I can't really point out where your issue stems from, could you try to run an object tracking sample form our examples and check if your camera stops working like you've described it as well?

Since we had to temporary disable our examples in the latest 9.12 build (they will be re-added in the next build again) they can be found in the 9.10 version which you can download here. Please try if your issue can be reproduced using our examples. If it can't, maybe you can check in the scene setup and sample code if there are some differences compared with your project.

If this doesn't help you or you've got further questions, feel free to ask.

Best regards,


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