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Error uploading App to Appstore


While uploading to the Appstore we get this error:

ITMS-90338: Non-public API usage - The app references non-public symbols in Payload/ _TIFFDataWidth, _TIFFFieldDataType, _TIFFFieldName, _TIFFFieldPassCount, _TIFFFieldReadCount, _TIFFFieldTag, _TIFFFieldWithTag, _TIFFGetField, _TIFFGetFieldDefaulted, _TIFFMergeFieldInfo, _TIFFSetField, _TIFFSetTagExtender, __TIFFDataSize, __TIFFfree, __TIFFmalloc

Is there any news/patch or solution to this error?

With kind regards,


Thank you very much. I found my problem.

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Hi Mathijs,

As this is more a sales related question, please reach out to

Thank you very much,


Hi Nicola,

Thank you for your reply!

We bought a one time license that supports SDK versions up to 2020-07-13.

Is there a patch available for the older SDK or do we have to buy a new license to get 9.10/9.12?

With kind regards,



Are you using SDK version 9.10 or 9.12 --> if not could you please update to the latest version (or version 9.10) as we upgraded the FreeImage version back then.

If the problem persist please let us know anytime.

Thank you

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