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Freeze on iOs devices


We are using the iOS Wikitude Javascript SDK 9.10.0 for our applications.

Our code is based on the CustomCamera Plugin found in your SDKSamples project with a minimum of iOS14 for our target.

We've seen the issue on Iphone 7, but we don't know if it can happen on other devices.

We do not have any way to reproduce the issue systematically (but we know this happens regularly as we receive crashlogs)

The issue seems to happen when pausing / resuming the wikitude SDK.

We regularly get some crashlogs coming from our production application, the application gets killed by the system due to a freeze when calling WTArchitectView start method.

A deadlock seems to happen in the gfxRetainSharedStateAndHash call.

Please find atached the crash log received.

Do you have any clue of things that we could do wrong ? 


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