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AR works in Unity editor but not on build to Android


The AR component of my Unity application runs properly in the Unity editor, but crashes on my Galaxy A10e once I get to the camera scene.  Do you know what might be causing this?

Thank you!

Here are my logcat debug messages from the time of the crash:

(521 KB)

FYI - This is with the Trial Wikitude SDK.

Also, my Android version is 11


In order to investigate the issue further, I would need a bit more of info:

  • Did you test with more than one device to see if the issue is reproducible consistently?
  • From the logcat you sent, I can see 2 lines coming from our SDK, being "WKTD: >ERROR: [Runtime][00:00:00.560.893] > Network connection intentionally canceled (code 1002) (underlying error: Callback aborted (code 42))" the most important one. This error may happen when checking for the license key -> Could it be that the trial key has expired?
  • I see you are using mono as scripting backend. You should be using IL2CPP as mentioned in the documentation:

Best regards,


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