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Only show 3D object when in room

Hi everyone!

We are pushing the limits of Wikitude SDK for Unity!   We want to place a 3D asset on a plane (ex: table or floor), and only show that 3D asset when we are in the room.   i.e. if we leave the room, the 3D asset doesn't show through walls!

This is for an avatar-guided scavanger hunt that our patients will play at home.


Micky Fokken

Children's Health, Dallas

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Hi Micky,

that would only be possible by scanning the environment... AR Foundation provides the AR Occlusion Manager that does that... it generates a mesh of the environment and uses it to occlude everything behind... The Expert Edition SDK provides the "AR Foundation - Advanced Rendering" sample that include this manager, but showcases only hand occlusion. Environment occlusion can be enabled easily, though.

If scanning is not a viable option, I would just play around with the viewing frustum and the near/far clipping pane of the camera.

Kind regards,

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