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Camera stuck in last frame when Wikitude camera is reactivated in unity

Hi team,

I'm using SDK 9.7 version with unity version 2020.3.12f1.

In our application we are using multiple cameras in same scene (like main camera, ar session camera and wikitude camera prefab), for different purposes.

When user opens our application wikitude camera will be active and later when we use other cameras we will make wikitude camera inactive (i.e setActive(false)).

while switching back to wikitude camera (i.e. setActive(true)), camera gets stuck in last frame.

In this state if the last frame is on the marker, the 3d model on the marker is activating where as we cant scan other markers as the camera is stuck on the last frame.

Mostly it is occurring while i was switching between Ar session camera and wikitude camera prefab. 

In the below attached video the issue it demonstrated, Scanning a Picture from the mobile and switched between ar session camera and wikitude Camera.Here the Screen got stuck while we switched back to wikitude camera from ar session camera.

Awaiting for a quick response.

Thank you.

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Hi Xlenz team,
Thats an interesting use case. Could you send me a small sample project where this can be reproduced? Just barebones. You could use our sample project and modify a scene to switch cameras like in your project. This way I can ensure that I have the same issue and can find a solution better.

Kind regards,
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