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Failed to load Architect World


I am building my second Flutter application on which I have used the Wikitude plugin for AR.

Once I call the arView page I get on run console:

"Uncaught ReferenceError: World is not defined", source: data:text/html, (1)

"Uncaught ReferenceError: AR is not defined", source: data:text/html, (1)

And on the tablet screen I get a message 

Failed to load the Architect World


I have the architect.js on top of the html page.

What else could cause those errors?

When you say that you have tested with the sample from the github, do you mean your sample applying the required changes or the 10_BrowsingPois_5_NativeDetailScreen sample? As far as I could see, your sample takes the one I mention as base -> is this specific sample working for you?

Regarding the emulator, the MissingPluginException is expected as the emulator run with a x86 architecture while our SDK is build for ARM7 and ARM8 architectures, which makes them incompatible. This was mentioned some time ago:

Please, let me know if the NativeDetailScreen sample works for you.



yes, this is the one. I have based my app on the browsingPois example and I have tested the example from github and doesn't work.

I have also tested all version 9.9 and it has the same issue.

Noted that the emulator doesn't work because of the x86 architecture. 

Just downloaded the project from github, called flutter pub get in the plugin folder and the project folder, removed the abiFilters 'armeabi-v7a' as mentioned in the documentation and the application was working fine for me -> could open the NativeDetailScreen without issues.

Could you tell me your steps to try to reproduce the issue? In which device are you running the sample app?

I have redownloaded the project from github and after flutter pub get on both folders and removing the abifilters (because I get an error java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: dlopen failed: library "" not found) I managed to run the demo.

I will go line by line comparing both projects to check for differences. I will report back with findings.

It's not possible to make it work on the project.

I have copied the files to my project and still breaks.

Is there a way to have your assistance on this? 

I believe there is something with the poi data that's been transfered to the js file, but since I don't have access on the AR.logger console I cannot see where exactly the code breaks to correct it.

Finally I have made it work.

What worked for me, was disabling all the files that were loaded from the index.html file and enabling one after the other except ade.js. Now is finally working and my app looks great.

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Same problem, removing the line ade.js in the html file works the POI example, thank you!

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