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Access point cloud data for scene recognition

Is there anyway of accessing the underlying point cloud data for a scene recognition? My use case is that I have a model of the scene I am recognising. I want to align my model with the point cloud so that I can use it for occlusion. I have methods of aligning the two point clouds, but I need access to the 3d point data in order to access it.
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Hi Rafiq,

You can see a preview of the Instant Target in the Professional Edition version of the Wikitude SDK for Unity by following these steps:

  • Get and place your Instant Target (which is a .wto file) into the StreamingAssets folder
  • Drag the ObjectTracker prefab located under "Assets/Wikitude/Prefabs" into your scene
  • Assign the .wto file in the "Target Collection" dropdown to the ObjectTracker
  • Select the ObjectTrackable underneath the ObjectTracker and enable the point cloud preview of the target in the Object Trackable component!

Kind regards,

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