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App may quit if you return to the app while playing a video on the native player.


We use wikitude sdk Javascript 9.1.0 to create an app that plays content such as videos and still images from 2D images.

Currently, there is a problem that the application will be terminated if you play the video etc. by the following procedure.

  1) Scan a marker(play 3d model with Wikitude Model class).

  2) Remove the camera from the marker and snap the playing 3d model to Screen.

  3) Close snapped 3d model.(model.destroy())

  4) Scan another marker(play movie with VideoDrawable class).

  5) Tap the playing video, stop video and AR.context.startVideoPlayer() run.

  6) While playing the video at NativePlayer, tap the backbutton.

When executing 6), the app is forcibly terminated.

If we play a video or still image instead of the 3d model at 1), this issue does not occur.

Do you know what the cause is?

Thank you.





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Unfortunately we didn't know about this issue. I would need some extra information in order to tackle it:



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