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URP 3D Object Rendering Glitchy/Culled


My scene is intended for Single Object Tracking. I have set up URP as per the documentation and I've set the MainCamera to be Overlay while the Camera Frame Renderer is set to be Base. I've also added the MainCamera as a stack item of the Camera Frame Renderer. 

As the screenshot shows, the 3D object above the real-world object is partially rendered and glitches/culls out.

While the WebCam preview works in the Unity editor, the actual Android build fails to render the 3D prefab properly. The object is partially rendered/culled. I can tell that the object is recognized by Logs. This only happens in URP, therefore I've isolated that as a Render pipeline issue. Here are the screenshots of my setup. Any assistance is appreciated!

SDK Version: 9.10.0

(90.4 KB)
(58.3 KB)
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Hi Darren,

could you try to log the tracked target's distance to the camera? Maybe increasing the MainCamera's far clipping plane could resolve the issue.
The thinking behind this idea is that, if the point cloud has an arbitrary real world scale and this scale value is very big, the recognized target could be estimated to be in the distance and therefore the augmentation could be culled therefore. You would already see this if you have a look at the point cloud preview of the object target. If the scale was right, the point cloud's bounding box would be very small (20-30cm I guess).

Kind regards,

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