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MIUI Android 11 Issue with JS SDK

Running MIUI and Android 11 on Xiaomi devices the camera does not open at all, getting a black screen. This was tested on 2 different Xiaomi devices, different models, running the latest version of MIUI and Android 11.

This was also tested on a Xiaomi device running Android 10, with MIUI, and it works fine. 

The issue seems to be specific with MIUI and Android 11.

I see the following following error on logcat

2021-10-06 16:41:45.237 937-2064/? E/CamX: [ERROR][ISP ] camxifenode.cpp:8418 GetMetadataTags() get IFECropInfo metadata error

2021-10-06 16:41:45.261 937-2065/? E/CamX: [ERROR][STATS_AEC] camxcaecstatsprocessor.cpp:5115 PopulateLaserData() NCS tof handle is NULL

2021-10-06 16:41:45.262 937-2064/? E/CamX: [ERROR][PPROC ] camxipenode.cpp:6760 ExecuteProcessRequest() Preview_IPE0: zoom operaton from IPE, disableZoomCrop 0, SrEnabled 0

Is anyone else experiencing the same issue?

NOTE: This is specific to the JS SDK (running the latest version of course) tested with the official SDK Examples app. The Native SDK Examples app runs fine.


I would need a bit more of information to start investigating the issue: Which version of our SDK are you using? Is there any log coming from our SDK instead of CamX? Is this happening with all the samples that are in the official SDK Examples app or is there a sample that's working fine?



Latest version of the SDK. 9.10.0

No other logs other than that

It's the official SDK Examples app apk of the JS SDK.

The Native SDK Examples app apk works fine.

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