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Image Tracker Issue

I'm facing a recognition problem and would like to know if there is any way to control it or at least alleviate it.

I'm building an APK in Unity(2020.3.6f1) with Wikitude Professional Edition (9.8.0) but there is something odd happening with the Image Tracker; When I use a small image (around 40 centimeters) it works fine and even recognizes without having to show the complete target in the camera; But when I scale this at around 1 meter, it needs to position at about 2 meters from the image to recognize. Why does this happens? There is a way to fix? It seens that there's a need to cover a determined space for the image to be recognized. 

Thanks in advance.

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We are trying to recognize an Image Target, but we noticed that above 2 meters some problems start to occur that we cannot decipher why or if there is any solution; First, after passing this size, I need a relatively large distance to recognize the target, and smaller than that it can recognize even half of the image without the need to have it all in the camera, so it doesn't make much sense to have to look at the entire image from afar just because it's too big.

Second thing is that we can't split this image into other targets because we need the Extended Tracking function which only works on one image at a time after the Start method.

To sum up, we need to recognize an image of approximately 5x1 meters(I'm aware of the recommended aspect ratio on the best practice guide, but can't change it) but the recognition is only possible after seeing the image from a considerable distance and fitting the entire image on the camera, but we would like to recognize it by only seeing a part of the image.

The application will run on Vuzix M400. 

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