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Wikitude Studio Editor_Object Target does not save point cloud changes


I'm having a problem on the Wikitude Studio Editor that I hadn't had until recently.

If I change the scale or position of the point cloud of a object target to match the real object, I see these changes in the editor, but downloading the .wto file for use in Unity is as if the scale and position changes to the point cloud have never been done. Sometimes, but not always, downloading the .wto file, the name of the object target is also wrong in Unity (see screenshot below, the name should be "Ace")


also trying to make further changes to the point cloud to force the generation of a new .wto file, any changes made are reset and the point cloud returns to its original state.

Until a few weeks ago we had never had any such problem with the Wikitude Studio Editor.

How can we solve?

Thanks for any help you can give us.

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