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Cannot enable extended tracking

I'm working with Wikitude v.9.8.0 in Unity 2020.3.10f in Windows, and I want to enable extended tracking for my image target. However, despite the documentation specifying that I should see an option in the inspector view of the Image Trackable script to enable extended tracking for my image target, there is no such option visible to me. How can I enable extended tracking for my image target?



Please note that there are two versions of the Unity SDK, the Professional Edition, which includes the extended tracking functionality, and the Expert Edition, which you are using. Expert Edition doesn't include extended tracking, but offers compatibility with AR Foundation. There is also a sample where extended tracking functionality is emulated by using AR Foundation tracking.

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 which Sample is emulating the extended tracking functionality using AR-Foundation, I used every Sample but the augementation get lost if i move a little bit further away from the target

how can I over come this issue?


if you check our AR Bridge - Multiple Extended Targets sample you can test the Extended Tracking feature there. The dinosaurs will still be within the scene although their trackers aren't visible any more (it's a bit easier to test if you scale the prefabs up a bit). It behaves the same with the AR Foundation, although we don't provide an extra sample there. You basically have to change three things in order to change from AR Bridge to AR Foundation:

 - Change the Wikitude SDK component's AR Bridge value to Plugin

 - Create an AR Session Origin with an AR Camera child and assign the AR camera to the Wikitude SDK component's AR Camera value (make sure to remove the old Main Camera beforehand)

 - Create an AR Session and assign it to the Wikitude SDK component's AR Origin value.

You can also check the different setup if you compare our AR Bridge - Cylinder Tracking scene with the AR Foundation - Cylinder Tracking scene.

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