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setUseInjectedLocation ---Don't work

WikitudeSDK_iOS_9-0-0   JS API  version.

Download the demo from the website.

 In the way

- (void)viewDidLoad  or  - (void)startArchitectViewRendering 

The following method does not work.

[self.architectView setUseInjectedLocation:YES];

 [self.architectView injectLocationWithLatitude:116.572105 longitude:39.814797 altitude:6000 accuracy:50000];



2021-03-29 14:48:25.048168+0800 SDKExamples[5336:999353] self.architectView.isUsingInjectedLocation_0

thank you.

Hello Qilin,

Could you please elaborate a bit further on your issue? From my understanding, you have downloaded our SDK Javascript iOS and you are getting an error. 

Are you using our sample exactly as you have downloaded it or have you modified anything in the code?

If yes, then does our sample work for you?

Which sample are you trying?

Since, from what I see, you are experimenting with Geo locations, did you already went through our documentation here and through this forum post here?

Thank you,


Mobile version 14.2  iPhone 8 Plus

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