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Instant Tracking placement with Unity SDK

Hi - I'm testing the instant tracking sample and it's great but, when I call Tracker.SetState(InstantTrackingState.Tracking) it more often than not places the InstantTracker prefab (which I've adapted here) at a different scale and angle from where is was before I made that call. See before and after pic - pic 2 is after it had made the call.

Is this because of my carpet, or because it's point down so close to me ? Any solutions much appreciated.

version num - _9-5-0_2020_11_30_00_14_38


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Hi Jerry,

I think that might come from the native AR framework - in this case AR Core - getting a better lock on the difficult ground.

From the documentation:

"To stay at a fixed location in physical space, the numerical description of this position will update as ARCore's understanding of the space improves."

Kind regards,

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