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[Question] Wikitude 9.6 drawable was rotated by 180° on the y-axis fixed question

Could you give us more information on this fix that was in the release note of SDK version 9.6?

-Fixed a bug where a tracked object target's drawable was rotated by 180° on the y-axis.

We have a live project that uses cloud recognition. We noticed long ago that we need to rotate our prefab 180° on the y-axis to make it display correctly when it was spawned by the image tracker. 

This is our mock-up marker in Unity scene. 


With this change, will we have to rotate back all those prefabs?

Is this change affect both object and marker tracker?

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Hi Kittiphat,
sorry for the confusion. No, you don't have to change anything since this only affects object target previews and is nothing related to image/cloud targets.

Kind regards,

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