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Cannot Super-Impose the 3D model on real world object using the Object tracking sample scene.


I'm using the Professional edition of the Unity sdk (trial version). Unity version is 2019.4.18F1. I am currently testing the application on my Oneplus 5 mobile device. It is currently running on android 10. The problem i'm facing is on the sample scene i.e simple object tracking. I cannot seem to super impose the spawned 3D model on the real world object. The 3D model is spawned in front of or inside the tracked object. I followed the best practices to take images for the object tracking. I have even added the fbx model which spawns when the object is recognized.

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Hello Abhinav,
There is a known issue that augmentations are being display with a 180-degree rotation around the y-axis. Applying that rotation after you aligned it with the point cloud in the Unity Editor should fix that issue. This will be fixed in the next release!

If tracking is not stable, may I ask how many images you took of the object to create the target in Studio?

Kind regards,


Hi Gökhan


Thank you for a quick response. I used 10 images to create the target. I uploaded a few of the images as a reference in the main post.

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Hello Abhinav,

10 images might not be enough for a 360° experience. Could you share the target collection and the images with us via

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