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CLoud point display with simple white particle emiter

Hello WikiTeam

I should install my new targets you have generated. Thank you .

but i faced front of big problem . I think its not due to targets . 

i explain the problem . here is the video link to watch the problem .

when im clicking on SHOW clouds points in Object trackable object, its appearing a white particle emitter . and cloud points is invisble . When i play with size point slider . the target appear but flicking . and show off . ( ?? )

Its a big convenient for me to place my 3D object in this condition . and i m completely blocked .

i ve updated to Wikitude_EE_Unity_9-5

Inccredible! ive got the same problems  on all Unity Version 2019 and 2020  .I ve created a new blank wiki  project test  with Unity 2020 .and always this same nightmare vision . a simple white particle emiter  . 

Amazing . i deactivate all object in my scene ..  Particle emiter stay  here  ( ?!????!!) 

all others features seam ok and tracking scenes seems working but i cannot edit .  i m  bewitch

Do you have seen this  similar bug ? what is your advice ?     

 i cannot test on another computer .

thank you for your help 


Hi GiO,

the target preview is basically creating a hidden and frozen particle system.
We never encountered this problem before. Do you have any Editor plugins? I see that you use PlayMaker if I am not mistaken... It could be that this or another plugin is touching on the gameObjects in the scene and this could trigger the hidden particle system to play itself...

Kind regards,

Hello Gökhan  hello wikiteam 

i have resolved the problem with extrem way : I have re install my computer with a fresh and clean system

i don't know exactly whats  happened . but thats working very fine now . !

many thank for your support .


Hi GiO,

glad to hear that it's working now. I am sorry that you had to take such extreme actions.

Kind regards,

no problem , surely my  fault / I ve made many experimentations with unity this last time and surely i ve broken something .

have the best to All !

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