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How to enable extended tracking for Image Tracker

How to enable extended tracking for Image Tracker in Unity for Wikitude 9?

Good Question. Need that, too.

Hi Habib and Nico,

Sorry for the late reply.

In the Professional Edition Unity Plugin, simply tick the extended tracking option next to each target you want to extend in the ImageTrackable's inspector, or select "Extend All" at the top of the list to extend all the targets. 

In the Expert Edition Unity Plugin this option is not available anymore and it is recommended to use AR Foundation or Wikitude's native wrapper - AR Bridge - for that purpose. The "multiple targets extended" scene included in the sample project demonstrates how to do that with AR Bridge:

In short, the drawable/augmentation can be detached from the tracked image target once the OnImageLost event is called by the ImageTrackable and attached to the root of the scene. That will make the GameObject stick at its place, where it was last tracked.

Kind regards,


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