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Can't use preview on iOS

 Hey everyone!

When creating a new project I'm trying to use the preview-option. While scanning the QR-Code works perfectly on my android phone I have trouble with my ipad.

Scanning the QR Code (for the preview) with my iPad opens Safari. I'm asked if I want to download "plainUrl.arl". After downlaoding this file I can open it with Wikitude but get the error message "The requested URL wasn't found on this server.".

I'm running iOS 14.2 and the latest Wikitude App Version from Apple App Store.

Please help me how to use the preview on my iPad.

Thank you!


no - the XXXX are just placeholders - your url structure looks fine. 

What you can also do is login to the Developer Section in the Wikitude app (Can be found under the menu options). Once you enter your Wikitude Developer credentials you get access to all your Studio Projects and can choose a specific one, that you then can make as favorite.

Thx and greetings


Hey Nicola, thanks for your reply.

I tried your steps as described above but unfortunately it didn't work.

I opened the plainUrl.arl file with the txt-editor and found a link inside:

You described a link with 4 digits in step 5, is there my mystake?

Hi Oliver,

could you please test following these steps (we just tested on an iOS device successfully):

  1. Scan QR code
  2. Download plainUrl.arl
  3. Send plainUrl.arl to PC
  4. Open plainUrl.arl
  5. Find the URL e.g.
  6. Enter the URL in Wikitude app

Unfortunately these steps are bit cumbersome, but if you save the experience in the Wikitude app as Favorite via the star icon, you can change the experience in Studio and open the experience directly in the Wikitude app. This way you only have to perform the steps above only the first time.

Thx and greetings


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