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HTMLDrawable not displaying on Custom Library (React Native)


I have a custom library to use Wikitude JS on React Native, everything works fine on Android or IOS, but for some reasons, the HTMLDrawable is not working properly on Android.

I encounter this, but it didn't resolve my case.

This issue is only happening on Android 


On Android 5 and using Wikitude SDK 9.2 

it doesn't throw any NullPointException.

The module uses the ArchitectView and it manages the lifecycle under ReactNative.

I use the HTML example and a custom one with no success.

Looking at the Java code example I didn't find anything related to the HTML drawable and the manifest is exactly the same.

Any Ideas.

Thank you.



As I could not reproduce your issue, let's tackel it down step by step. Did you have the chance to reproduce this issue in our architect sample app somehow? Is the issue also happening with an HTML file from the assets folder instead of plain HTML? Which device was used in order to reproduce the issue?

I will anyway open a ticket to avoid the NullPointerException to happen as it should not happen at all.

Thank you for your finding,



Thanks for your response.

No, this issue is React-Native Android related by knowing. Only the HTMLDrawable is causing issues.

It happens using local or online HTML.

I use a Samsung s7 to replicate this issue.

I will share with Nicola an APK with Debug mode activated so you can see first hand the issue.

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