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Cordova samples shows loading screen

I build a Cordova app for Android but when I run the application it only shows a white screen with loading...

The steps I took was:

- Creating the Cordova app.
- Add the Android platform.

- Add the Wikitude plugin.

- Copied the sample files to the www folder.

- I added the licence key in all WikitudePlugin.js files (with between "").

- Build the application.

There are no errors while building.
The device is not asking to use my camera although I checked if that is included in the AndroidManifest.xml.

com.wikitude.phonegap.wikitudeplugin": "^9.2.0

cordova-android": "^8.1.0

Any suggestions where could have gone wrong?


Did you make sure to follow the documentation and setup guide? 

Is the issue happening in your own app or in the sample app? If it's happening in your own app, does the sample app work?

Did you check other forum posts dealing with similar issues?

As you mention that the device is not asking for camera permission, it seems like this might be related - please make sure to check the permission handling as well.

Thx and greetings


okay, followed the steps under 'Using the Wikitude Plugin to create your own augmented reality experience' on this page and got it working.

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