Wikitude SDK 9.2 introduces a new 3D model input method for Object Tracking

You spoke. We listened. Developers can now work with the new Wikitude SDK 9.2 to create high-performing Object Tracking AR experiences with 3D model files like .obj, CAD models, and other 3D model formats. To test this new feature, Wikitude users can apply for the Beta program

Furthermore, SDK 9.2 introduces highly requested new features and functions, and several product improvements and updates:

  • New 3D Model Object Tracking (Beta)

  • New Alignment Initializer function (Expert Edition)

  • Improved Cloud Recognition 

  • Improved Image Tracking

  • Improved point cloud rendering in Unity Editor

  • Flutter Update 

  • OpenSSL Update

  • Augmented reality target guide 

To find more regarding our new release, take a look at the blog post here.

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