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ImageTrackable onClick event targetName


in JS API, how to found out name of image target that is clicked?

We need to get name of image target that is clicked, similar to events:
onImageRecognized: function (target) { },

onImageLost: function (target) { }

as those event provide image target that is recognised as event payload, but onClick event doesn't do that on AR.ImageTrackable object.

Similar to that, on AR.ImageDrawable object onClick event, how to get target name of tracked image that this clicked imageDrawable is associated to in drawables cam?

It is essential in our use case to know what image target is clicked and its name in wtc file so we can show content that should be played for that specific target.

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Can you please provide some guidelines on this subject or if we were not clear about our problem, maybe we can help to get clear understanding of the problem?

Our case involves building dynamic drawables based on config metadata json file that contains properties with image target name and matching content resource that should be played. That is why we are not writing code for every drawable separately like in all your examples, but one function creates all those resources... That's why we always need target name to know which image target is click, or image drawables that are put on overlay on that image target, if they are click, we need to know on which image target name they are connected to...

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