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Wikitude SLAM or markerless AR support for angular / Ionic application.


We are planning to build a Mobile standalone AR application (Not browser based) with Angular and Ionic framework. Using our app user can able to annotate in 3D space and the annotation will be anchored and tracked in real world environment with slam or spatial mapping / anchoring concepts. 

We are planning to achieve something like "Vuforia Chalk" annotation.

Reference: (Timestamp : 1.35 mins to 2.26 mins)

We are having some doubts.

1. Is it possible to use wikitude sdk for our requirements?

2. Does wikitude supports Angular / Ionic mobile app development?

3. If SLAM / anchoring not possible, can we use marker-less AR with our angular - ionic app development? 

Kindly check above points and let us know the details.

Thanks and Regards,

Prabhu G.

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Even though you're now already in direct contact with my colleague Norbert (please keep the communication directly with him, so we make sure to keep the communication as efficient as possible), I'd like to also add his answers to your questions here, to help other users with the same question.

1. Is it possible to user your sdk for our requirements?
- yes, there are already several remote assistance apps based on Wikitude SDK. The most popular one is Scope AR

2. Does your SDK supports or do you provide any SDKs for Angular / Ionic mobile app development?
We have a third party plugin for Ionic, but it supports only version 7.1. For the newest version, try also JS SDK for Android and IOS. You can also find all supported platforms here.

3. If spatial mapping/anchoring not possible with wikitude and angular, is it possible to use marker less AR tech wikitude sdk with angular?
We don't have an SDK for Angular or Ionic. You will need to make the integration yourself by using the JS API. JS API supports markerless AR.
You can also try the Ionicitude module (third party).

Thx and greetings


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