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Multiple recognitions in one World


I would like to ask if it is possible to create a World in which to work (at the same time) - InstantTrackable with InstantTracker, ObjectTrackable with ObjectTracker, and ImageTrackable with ImageTracker?

If this can be done, what is the best way to do it?



The best approach to work with Multiple Trackers in one experience is our newly released Unity Expert Edition. You can download the SDK here:

The download package includes a sample app and furthe details can also be found in the documentation:

If you work already with the Expert Edition, please provide further details on the issue. 



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Thanks, i will check this sample app.


I currently have a working version, but with a few problems. The main point is that after loading "load_existing_instant_target" and adding Models to it, they appear as drawables on both ImageTrackable and ObjectTrackable, when they are recognized:


this.instantTrackable = new AR.InstantTrackable (this.instantTracker, {
     drawables: {
         cam: World.crossHairsBlueDrawable
     onTrackingStarted: function onTrackingStartedFn () {
         // RUN with ImageTrackable -onImageRecognized
         // RUN with ObjectTrackable - onObjectRecognized
     onTrackingStopped: function onTrackingStoppedFn () {
         // RUN with ImageTrackable - ImageLost
         // RUN with ObjectTrackable - onObjectLost
     onError: World.onError


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