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[Unity] Only recognize one image tracker

Okay so I have a scene in unity with an image tracker. It works fine, recognizes both my images. But when I create a second image tracker to track separate images only one of these trackers work.

If i disable either one of them, the other will work fine. But if both of them are enabled, one of them won't work at all.

I am trying to recognize only one image at a time (not simultaneously). 


Unity version 2019.2.21f1

SDK version 8.10

(17.8 KB)

Oh wait, I've read the docs and realized that only one tracker can be active at a time.

So the next question is: is there a way to know which image was recognized? 

Like i want to draw a cat when a cat image recognized and a dog when a dog image is recognized.

Aaaand I've found the answer in the docs.

Thanks for watching me being an idiot.

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