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BlacK Screen with trial text when app is launched on android device

Hello I downloaded the unity SDK:  8.10.0

for the unity version: 2018.3.14f1

I build the sample scene of Instant tracking- Plane detetion without any modifcations, I test it in unity using webcam and the app works with no problem (Screenshot 1. Test in unity). 

But when it is launched on my android mobile Huawei p30 pro with android 10, the 2. On android screenshot is what happens: Black screen with trial text. After the app instalation it doen´t even ask for permission for camera usage.

In the building settings the multithreaded rendering  is deactivated.

The minimum API level is android 7.0 & ARcore supported is activated too.

The build system is internal and development build is activated.

Could you help me please, why I am not asked for permission for my mobile camera & how can I solve the back screen ?

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Hi Emanuel,

This sounds like a question that have been raised already some times in our forum. Could you please check the other posts, go through the threads and make sure that all steps in the documentation are followed as mentioned?

Thx and greetings


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