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Wikitude SDK for unity

I want to create a simple AR app that will allow tourist to explore their surroundings in the city. I want to know if this is possible using Wikitude and if so what would you advise I use? 

I tried map box World Scale AR but it is deprecated because they stopped working on it so Im looking for an alternative way to get this done. 

This is my university project so Im short on time , it does not haver to be a full scale project. Just a simple demo . 

Any advice? 

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Yes you can work with our Unity SDK and also integrate it with the LBAR plugin (created by one of our partners to provide you with geoAR features).

The best way to start is to check out the sample app which comes with the SDK download package together with the respective documentation section. And download the 3rd library LBAR if you wish to dig deeper on the geoAR part.



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