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Missing Textures Error


I am relatively new to the AR game, so I don't have that much experience. I want to use a recently bought 3D model for AR purposes. When checking the model with the FBX Reviewer everything looks fine. However, when converting the file from .fbx to .wt3 all the textures are gone and the model appears just black. In addition I get all these error messages telling me the textures are missing. 

By scouting this forum I found out that the problem may be multi layered textures, since they are not yet supported by the wikitude encoder. 

Is there anyway to reduce the amount of textures? Keep in mind that I am no expert in this field and I did not build this model by myself. I do, however, contacted the maker of this model and asked him if he has any solution to this problem. 

I have attached two screenshots from the FBX Reviewer and the Wikitude 3D Encoder. If you need the file, I will gladly give it to you by personal email, since I paid for this model and I don't think it is in the interest of the maker that I upload it to a public forum.

Thanks in advance



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The error message should give you further details on the problem with the textures - in your case the problem seems to be with the texture path. Did you make sure to check the Best practices guide in the documentation:

In general if you have a high quality 3D model, the suggested option would be to work with our Unity Plugin, as this allows much more flexibility with the 3D model rendering.

Thx and greetings


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