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1001 "Internal cloud recognition error occurred."


I am trying to use cloud recognition with a target collection I have created. I am able to initialize successfully, but when I try to perform continuous recognition I receive the following error response to the callback after each poll:

1001 "Internal cloud recognition error occurred."

I've read that I might to to use a manager access token to generate a cloud archive from my target collection - I was hoping clicking on the cloud icon in Wikitude Studio would accomplish this.

My platform:

Xamarin Wikitude SDK JS 8.6.0

iPad Pro 12 iOS 13.3

Hi Micah,

We've checked your account and saw that you're over quota for the scans --> As this account doesn't have a Cloud subscription, you only have 1000 Cloud scans included in your account.

We've reset your counter now so everything should run as expected again. Please note that this is a one time fee exception and if you wish to use Cloud Recognition (and outside of the 1000 scans limited test account), you'd need to go with the commercial Cloud account.

Should you need anything further, just let me know anytime.



I am still getting the error. The collection ID is 5d1a51484489a75476f744c6. I am operating from the US, but I'm unsure how to check the server region. I have tried setting both and get the same error.

Hi Micah,

Does the error still occur. We currently have some issues with certain target collections that are corrupted under certain circumstances. It's very hard to reproduce the issue, but we're working on a fix. And if the work with the Studio Editor the regeneration of the target collection is triggered automatically (you don't have to work with the API to trigger it).

Please let us know if the issue is still occurring and if it is, please share the target collection id, if you're on the EU or US server region.

Thx and greetings


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