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Wikitude on Moverio BT-35E using Android or Windows host


Hi, Wikitude support,

I am developing an AR application using an EPSON Moverio BT-35E.

This smartglasses can be used like a 'wearable monitor' where it's possibile to connect an android smatrphone or a windows PC using an USB-C cable.

I see that Wikitude can address Moverio BT-35E (, is it possibile to have a example ?

Or is it possibile to have a description of wikitude setup to use BT-35E displays and BT-35E camera/sensors (gyro/accelerometers) and the application running on the host (android or windows) ?

Thnks in advance


Hi Marco,

Currently, we only support BT-300 and BT-350. Optimization for BT-35E is on the road map but there are no fixed dates that I can share at this time.

We have more details on Wikitude capabilities for Epson hereMost of the AR features our engine has are available for Epson too, so there are great opportunities.

Thx and greetings


Thanks a lot for the quick replay !!

Please let me know for any BT-35E support evolution or if i can help for any developement testing

Best regards


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