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Unable to upgrade past 8.7.0

Hi there,

We are currently using SDK version 8.7.0 with the JS API. We are not using extensions, unity, cordova, or xmarin. The issue is happening on an iPhone 7 running iOS version 13.2.3.

Whenever we try to upgrade the SDK version past 8.7.0 we get the error

[Process] kill() returned unexpected error 1

pretty much continuously. The only thing that changes between the two scenarios is including the updated framework file, with 8.7.0 everything on our app is working fine. We did check the migration notes and we are not using anything that has been removed.

The error doesn't seem to cause any issues with image recognition or tracking, but where we are having an issue is when we try to load an HTML video element. It doesn't seem to appear at all or play anything, it's just blank. Again, this works fine with 8.7.0 but as soon as we replace the SDK with any of the higher versions it just completely doesn't show up.

Specifically what the HTML video element is doing in our application workflow is after image recognition, after a set amount of time if the image cannot be found by the ImageTrackable to overlay it in AR, the video is loaded into the HTML element so that it can still play for the user, albeit just stuck to the screen. With this error everything is going through fine, but when it comes time for the loaded video to play, nothing shows up, nothing is playing, and the application can never move past that point because the video ended event is never triggered.

Thank you for any help with this issue.

Hi Matthew,

That error log comes from the WKWebView itself. Unfortunately, we can only wait until Apple eventually fixes this, though the webview seems to be working properly regardless.

Is the source of the video local to the device, or remote? We had some issues loading local assets since our 8.9 release, they should be fixed from 8.10 onwards. Have you already tried using our 8.10 release?

- Damian

Hi Damian,

The video source is remote. The issue is not occurring with 8.7 but is occurring whenever we try to upgrade to any of the releases past that, including the 8.10 release.

Hi Matthew,

This may not be your case, but it's worth mentioning that if your video comes from a plain http:// source, you would need to add the following key to your Info.plist file in order to load it:


Which HTML attributes is your video tag using? I could get a video displayed with a tag like this in the HTML of an AR world, although requiring user interaction to begin playing:

<video controls width="200" src="remoteVideoURL.mp4" type="video/mp4"/>

However, I noticed that the autoplay and playsinline video HTML attributes are not properly supported in the latest version of our SDK. We will address this in a future release.

Sorry for the inconvenience, please keep an eye on our changelog.

- Damian

Thanks Damian,

This did help. We didn't have to modify the NSAppTransportSecurity because we were loading from https, but it helped us track the issue down to basically after upgrading past 8.7, which uses the WKWebView, it made it so that videos can only be triggered via a user gesture. Since we relied on a JS trigger to start playback in our app, the video playback was never starting, and the video was never fading in... you get the picture. 

We will be watching closely for the playsinline and autoplay support as those are integral to our user experience!


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