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Cloud recognition asset links


We are working on an app and using your Cloud recognition license.

 My query is that using the Wikitude studio we can upload multimedia (image, video, model) in the studio editor and it works fine using the Wikitude app.

 However to use it in a custom app I need to get the links to these assets, I'm not able to find the storage links to these assets. Is there some way to access them? I can find a unique ID assigned to them but is there any API to get the hosted link to the same asset? 


Ankur Bhatt

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Hi Ankur,

If you work with Cloud Recognition, then you can't use the Studio Editor to upload and position the augmenations on the target images. These 2 (Cloud Recognition and the Studio Editor) are currently not integrated with each other. Meaning, that if you work with Cloud Recognition then you need to specify the augmentations using the metadata attribute of the target image. You can find details on this topic in the Studio documentation:

If you upload the asset for the augmentation (video, 3D model, image) to the Studio Editor then the url / link to the augmenation file is handled internally.

I hope this helps. Should you need anything further, just let me know anytime.



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