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How to navigate between - Main menu and a scene.

Hello there.

i really hope some can help me out here.

i want to have a main menu for the start scene.

But i cant figure out how to go from main menu to another scene like - 

Object tracking.

Is there some one that could eksplain that for me plz?

Best regards


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Hi Steffen,

In our SDK sample app for Unity we do have a list view with all the samples on startup of the app and clicking on the different items opens the different AR experiences. Is this what you're referring to - having e.g. a menu / list view and opening an AR experience from this view? If so, does the sample app and the according documentation help you? If not please, provide further details on the exact flow. Also in case you have further questions, please provide the following details:

  • Which version of the SDK are you using?
  • What Unity version are you using?

Thx and greetings


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