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White screen AR camera on Build Android

Hello guys, 

Currently i am working on a location based ar app with the wikitude sdk 8.10 on unity 2019.2.15f1. I am using the LBAR plugin. The app works fine in editor and the camera works there but when i build and run the app on my android device the suppossed camera view is white. The UI layer with buttons is visible, but the camera won't show. The permission box does show op but even after pressing yes it won't show the camera.

I am curious as to why this happens, the minimum api level i have the build set for is 19(android 4.4, KitKat). Anyone experienced the same problem?

Hi Charaf,

Could you please send your project to so we can debug it on our side?


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Hello Mojtaba,

Do you maybe have any updates on the issue?

Hi Charaf,

I have sent you an email 8 days ago regarding this problem and sent you a patch. Didn't you receive it?

oh really? have not received it unfortunately. 

Could you maybe send it to either or ?

Thanks in advance!

Sure, will send you another one.

Did you guys receive it?

Hi Charaf,

Thanks very much, Yes we have received your unity package and will investigate and get back to you shortly.

Thanks again


As the LBAR plugin is a third party plugin and not mainted by Wikitude directly, I've reached out to our partner who developed the plugin to provide you with details and support

Thx and greetings



That is great! looking forward to your answer.

With kind regards,


Hi, I'm Mojtaba from LBAR team. It's very hard to see what might be the problem from the screenshot. Have you tired running LBAR sample scene to see if it works standalone?


What i've noticed is that the issue for the white screen seems to be the Radar prefab that i have to attach to the canvas. When i leave the radar prefab out it shows me the camera. I'll try running the sample scene and wil let you know!

Thanks Charaf, If you needed any help in this matter please don't hesitate to contact us at "support @"

Unfortunately the sample scene gives me the same issue as when i implement the plugin with Wikitude. A white screen with the ui. When i remove the radar prefab and canvas layer. The camera is shown but the objects are not displaying on the location given. 

I sent you guys a mail with the project! 

Hopefully you can find out what went wrong.

Kind regards,


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