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Android Security Issue regarding SNYK in jQuery


See attached screen shot we have a security issue with jQuery which is used inside the architectworld for wikitude in our Android app.

Has anybody had experience in that matter whether jquery can just be updated?

We run a wikitude version from 2017 and have a Full Version so no subscription.


Hi Nino,

We have planned to update jquery to a newest version, hopefully early in 2020.



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Any update here?



I attached a jQuery version that has a fix for this issue in place that should be a drop-ip replacement.




Thanks. For my understanding, you modified that yourself, right? I will try to use it on our next update and see if the warning is gone. What I can report is that when replacing it with jquery 3.4.1 the warning still stays in the google play console.

I can just replace the existing juery file under architectworld/jquery, correct?

Yes, replace it please.

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