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Vuzix M400 support


I'm trying to get the Vuzix examples working on the M400 - but they don't. Is the 400 supported at all? 

I also like to know when I can call ArchitectView.setSystemUiVisibility?

For clarification - you mentioned that 9.5 Android JS SDK is showing a black screen  but 8.10 is showing the AR experiences. When you say 'not working', can you please specify what happens - do you get error messages or logoutput, do the images e.g. not get recognized?

Thx and greetings


Sorry for the confusing, we are more interested in ArchitectStartupConfiguration.Features.Geo [outdoor].
It seems like both 9.5.0 and 8.10.0 for example 08_PointOfInterest_1_PoiAtLocation is not working in M400.

M300 is Dual-Core Intel x86, definitely, 8.10.0 will not work on M400. we should be using this for M400, right?

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