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Black screen android unity build


So I have a unity project in which I dragged a WikitudeCamera (deleted the original one that comes with a scene) and and ImageTracker. That's all there is in the scene. If I run it in unity with a webcam, it works perfectly. The image gets detected and the model gets show accordingly. But when I build for Android using my phone, I only get a black screen and nothing else.

Building and running the main menu scene from the example scenes does work. But only when I go from Menu Scene to any other scene, only then it works. If I build any example scene seperately, I get the same result. A black screen,

I have looked around on the forum trying to find a solution, but so far I haven't found one that works.

  • Wikitude_Unity_8-9-0_8-9-0_2019_09_24_03_43_11
  • Unity 2019.2.14f1
  • Device: Huawei P9
  • Platform: Android 7.0

(36.3 KB)
(4.86 KB)


The issue is that when you're building just the samples, the camera permissions are not requested anymore. The code that does this can be found in the MenuController.cs script, so if the Main Menu scene is missing, the camera cannot be accessed.

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Dragging the menu controller onto a gameobject did fix this. Thank you.

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