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License key missing


I have my license key which is working in App store, but if I try to build the app in debug/production mode (on iPhone) with this license key, the camera is covered with "LICENSE KEY MISSING". 

I downloaded the trial key, and copied it to place where is my license key from app store, and it's succeeded (it's covered with TRIAL, but I think it's working).

So the problem is, why my license key, which is working on app in app store, is not working when I try to build it in developer mode?

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Please make sure to check the setup guide and the chapter that deals with the license key and where to put it in detail. The most common issues with license keys are either something is wrong with the setup and where the key is put, the key and the app bundle id are not matching or the license is not valid anymore (e.g. you purchased a one time fee license and have upgraded the SDK, without having the key for the updated version).

You can also do further checks in our forum:

I hope this helps. 



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