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Game View is not Working in Unity with Wikitude Camera(2019.2.9)

Hi Team Wikitude, I am not able to use Game View in Unity with Wikitude Camera in Windows 10. It just shows a black screen. I recently upgraded from Windows 8.1 to 10 and the issue starts after it. How to reproduce the issue:- I am using Lenovo G50-45(AMD A8 + 8GB RAM + Windows 10 Home Single Language + 1366x768 Resolution). I am using Unity 2019.2.9 and Wikitude SDK(latest). Just open the project with the same configuration and play. The camera starts(as the light glows) but the game view is black. There is no error or warning in the console. Please find the project link attached below. Best regards, Tejus Wadbudhe
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I tried your project on your Windows machine (also a Lenovo) and I didn't have any issues. Perhaps something went wrong during the upgrade process? Maybe you could check if there are still some Windows updates that need to be installed, or perhaps try to reinstall the camera drivers? You could also check the camera permissions settings.

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