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load instant target(Android Native ApI) Details on each instant

I am using android native api (8-6-0)

I save a lot of instant targets and load all targets but I want to distinguish when load one instant target on others to get more details of this instant loaded to know which target to make more decisions based on this instant target,

I am waiting your response as soon as possible.


I ask on method 

public void onTrackingStarted(final InstantTracker tracker, InstantTarget target) {
her when track target I want this target details only not other targets saved 

Hi Mohamed,

What details do you wish to get from the instant tracker? In general to load an instant target there has to be an active tracker and a previously saved instant target. And then only the loaded target is active.



Hi Nicola,

I want Details about name of instant target saved that is active,

I save and load multiple instant targets but when i load any instant target i want details like (name of instant saved or any details about this instant active or any details that explain i load ny instant.

Thanks, I am waiting your response.

please find attachment file LoadInstantTargetActivity

I can load multiple instant target, but when one instant is active i cannot know details of this instant like name of saved instant or any details

Please, there is any solution


Hi Mohamed,

The InstantTarget class has no access to this kind of information because the file is created from inside the application in a previous iteration. The same thing is happening when you load the file: you know its name and try to load it manually in your code.

Looking at your code, the idea that comes to my mind to know at least which target is being tracked, is to compare the tracker that is giving you the onTrackingStarted method and try to match it with your InstantTracker array, as each one of them are attached to a savedTarget file. Once you have the correct tracker, you will know that the target file is: savedTarget+i.


Aitor Font.

Hi Aitor Font,

Thanks for your response.

Good, I have this idea  also, but how?

 mean how I know This instant Target that i want to compare it  with all instant returned  from Function (onTrackingStarted) ?

I know when  Function onTrackingStarted  started ,it  return all instant trackers, and it is ok?

I want to know the tracker that is giving me to compare it with all instant 


As you have an array of InstantTrackers, when the SDK calls the onTrackingStarted method, it will return one InstantTracker which you can compare with your own, doing a loop. Once you have the correct one of your array, you may have the position i and you will have the name of your InstantTarget like this: savedTarget+i. You could also save the names in another array and look for it with the position i.




Ok I load an array of  Instant trackers, from location saved  So I load array  (all instant trackers) not one 

and when i call  the onTrackingStarted method  it will return not one Instant tracker but return all instant trackers that loaded when click button  load and return all instant trackers   , 

i tested it before 

 so it still exists This a problem.



HI Aitor. 

Is There any Solutions?

The Problem That Function (onTrackingStarted)  does not return only the instant that scan at once time but return all instant loaded when click button?




There is a solution soon ?

Hi Mohamed,

Sorry for the late response and for the misunderstanding, but we do not support multiple instant trackers.

What you are asking right now is out of our use cases and is not possible on its current state, and possibly won't be.


Aitor Font.

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