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Object/Image is moving at GeoLocation

Hi, I am using GeoLocation class in my application and giving fixed latitude and longitude values. When I go to that particular location, the Object/Image is not fixed at one position and it keeps on moving in one direction. How to fix this behavior? 

Also, When I am testing the application from my desk, I am able to see the Object/Image in very small scale. And when I am going near to given location, it gets enlarged in the scale I have given. Is there any way to hide the augmentation until a user reaches to that particular location? 

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Depending on the device compass sensor values and interference markers are more/less sticky and if the values that are passed to the SDK don't have a high accuracy, the objects might be floating. Unfortunately there is specific setting if you work with geobased AR to 'fix' an object to certain point and hinder it from moving, as the displaying is always dependant on the values delivered from the system

To your second question: you could work with the ActionAreas - these allow you to trigger actions once the user is in a certain area. Details can be found here. 

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Are you trying to say there is no way to fix the an object or there is a way? Please clear it. 

Yes - if you work with geoAR, it can always happen that the objects move more / less depending on the accuracy of the values returned from the system.

If you wish to have the 3D object stick to the ground, you can either work with our Instant / Markerless Tracking feature or also have a look at our scene recognition, depending on the size of the scene. You can find samples and the documentation for these features on our webpage.

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