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Fixing Markers At GeoLocation

Hi, I am going through the functionalities provided in Wikitude-Cordova sample application. 

I am not able to understand the concept of Geo Location. I changed Longitude and Latitude values in poiatlocation.js but I am seeing the markers anywhere I load the application and not only to that particular position. 

I want to fix different markers at different location. How can I achieve that? 

Also, does Geo Location works differently indoor than outdoor? If yes what is preferable to use Geo Location, indoor or outdoor?


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In the sample app, in the locationChangedFn method, we're creating random POI markers in the users vicinity to make sure that the bevhavior can be tested without setting absolute lat / long values for quick tests.

So my guess would be that you didn't adapt this method and made sure that the real lat / long values are used.

Thx and greetings


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